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We are not just another social network to share photo or play blinking games. We do not encourage you to disclose your private life. We are here to solve problem, simplify what you do, share knowledge, save money and last but not leaset earn some money.

We have three objectives:

  • Create easy system for personal and business use.
  • Help people to share knowledge and experience
  • Help people to earn money
Join with us, be an active member and earn money. Use our project management, booking, website, invoice and ticket system. We have created a comprehensive system. All our websites are created from functional perspective. Get involve and suggest improvement, we will listen to you.

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Try any new Ideas for FREE!

Do not have to invest first to test your idea. Create a free functional website with kaunia. Promote the idea. kaunia comes with shopping cart, add manager and cloud softwares.

Followings are some sample ideas:

Idea One:

1. Create websites in kaunia.com for free. You can even create local classified, group websites. Promote them and earn money.
2. Place local advert (ask shop, plumbers, electrician, accountant, company etc)
3. Get commission.
Using spare time you can earn some extra money regularly. It may cover your phonebill, internet cost and more..

Idea Two:

1. Create websites with kaunia.com.
2. Sale and manage sites for local shop, plumbers, electrician, accountant, company etc.
3. Get some Fee for maintaining there sites, forwarding order, doing online marketing etc.
It may allow you to gain valuable business experience all just using your Free time.

Idea Three:

1. Create blog, forum, review sites with kaunia.com.
2. Write regularly and promote them via social media etc.
3. Earn revenue from display advert.
It will give you inside of how advertising works. Valuable experience in marketing.

Idea Four:

1. Everybody good at something. Can you teach or make crafts or write about something.
2. Offer your service via your own websites.
3. Earn revenue by selling your services.
You will enjoy time by doing what you good at and also earn money.

Idea Five:

1. Give away your knowledge, experience, promote something that you care about.
2. You do not get money directly but will enjoy your life.
3. Earn respect from others.
You will enjoy time by promoting what you care about.

If you can think of more ideas, have a success story to tell then please create a website with kaunia and write about it. Please let us know. We will link to your created site directly from here.

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