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Timble Link: <a href='http://www.Kaunia.com/'>Kaunia.com</a>

To advertise with us you need to be a user first. Login to your account and go to profile page then you can create new adverts.

Advert is displayed at the right section of the Kaunia.com website or any of our partners websites. Each time an advert displayed points are deducted from your user account. You can buy points or earn points by writing articles or answering other user questions etc.

Kaunia as your Admanager

Do you have a website that you want to monetise? You can display your advert in other members websites. You can also display other members adverts in your website. Each time an advert is displayed you earn Kaunia points. You may sale the Kaunia points to other advertiser.

You can also use Kaunia to manage your own advert only. Create advert and then add the javascript code in your website. Specify your siteid in the url. See example below. Then your adverts only will be dislayed via javascript code. Effectively this works as your personal simple add manager.

As a registered Kaunia user you can create as many site as you want. You can also create your own adverts. At the time of advert creation you can attach a specific advert to a specific timelee sites. This allow you to group your adverts nicely. Now you can display all your advert or only a specific site adverts or all user adverts. You can control everything. All Kaunia members can share adverts. Each time an adverts displayed in your site you earn one timble points.

Put following code in your webpage to display Kaunia advert.

Following is the javascript for text link only advert.

Display your own site adverts only. Replace 111 with your Kaunia.com siteid.

Display your own adverts only. Replace 111 with your Kaunia.com userid.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further query.

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