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    Seville is that the capital of the autonomous community of urban center of Andalucia and also the province, Spain. it's located on the plain of the stream Guadalquivir, with a mean elevation of seven metres higher than water level. The inhabitants of the town area unit referred to as or hispalenses, following the Roman name of the town, Hispalis.

    Seville is that the fourth largest town of Kingdom of Spain with a municipal population of regarding 703,000 as of 2011, and a metropolitan population  of regarding one.2 million, creating it the thirty first most thickly settled municipality within the EEC. Its recent city is one in all the 3 largest in Europe in conjunction with urban center and metropolis , which incorporates 3 UN agency World Heritage . 

    The urban center harbor, placed regarding eighty kilometer from the Atlantic, is that the solely stream port in Kingdom of Spain. urban center was supported because the Roman town of Hispalis. In al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) the town was 1st the seat of a Greek deity, or territory, of the Caliphate of Córdoba, then created capital of the Taifa of urban center that was incorporated into the Christian Kingdom of territorial dominion underneath Ferdinand III. once the invention of dry land, urban center became one in all the economic centres of the Spanish Empire as its port monopolised the trans-oceanic trade and also the Casa Delaware Contratación wielded its power, gap a Golden Age of arts and letters.

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