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    Barcelona is that the capital of territory and also the second largest town in Spain, when Madrid, with a population of one,621,537 inside its body limits on a acreage of one hundred and one.4 km2.The geographic area of urban center extends on the far side the executive town limits with a population of between four,200,000 and 4,500,000 inside a part of 803 km2 , being the sixth-most inhabited geographic area within the European Economic Community when Paris, London, the Ruhr, Madrid and Milano. regarding 5 million individuals sleep in the urban center metropolitan space. it's conjointly largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. it's situated on the Mediterranean coast between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and BesÚs and is delimited to the west by the Miguel Jose Serra DE Collserola ridge.

    Founded as a Roman town, urban center became the capital of the County of urban center. when merging with the dominion of Aragon, urban center became one among the foremost necessary cities of the Crown of Aragon. enclosed many times throughout its history, urban center incorporates a wealthy cultural heritage and is these days a very important cultural centre and a significant tourer destination.

    It is the fourth economically powerful town by value within the European Economic Community ANd thirty fifth within the world with an output amounting to Ä177 billion. As of 2009  was graded Europe's third and one among the world's most undefeated as a city whole. At an equivalent time, was graded Europe's fourth best town for business and quickest up European city, with growth improved by Revolutionary Organization 17 November annually. urban center is that the transport hub with one among Europe's principal ports, urban center international aerodrome, that handles on top of thirty four million passengers annually, in depth thruway network and is also a hub of high-speed rail, significantly that that is meant to link Spain with France and also the remainder of Europe because the second longest within the world.

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